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Signature of letter of intent to join the AJC during CER/UIC High-Level Passenger Meeting

Train journeys can be cumbersome for passengers, especially if they consist of legs performed by different railway undertakings across Europe. Passengers want to arrive at their final destination. If this is not possible on time, passengers need support in case they miss a train because one train in their travel chain was delayed or cancelled.

This is where the CIT Agreement on Journey Continuation (or “AJC” for short) comes into play. This industry solution was developed by CER and CIT some time ago. It allows passengers to continue their journey if they have booked an international trip for which they hold separate contracts of carriage.

However, currently not all railway undertakings are signatories to the AJC. But more and more are joining, such as MAV-START in April this year and HZPP by November this year.

In addition, during the CER/UIC High-Level Passenger Meeting on 13 October in Rome, Eurostar, GYSEV, LTG LINK and PKP IC signed a letter of intent and declared their accession to the AJC in due course.

CIT would like to thank CER and UIC and Trenitalia, the organiser of the High Level Passenger Meeting in Rome, as well as all the railway undertakings concerned, for having made the letter of intent happen during the meeting.