Passenger traffic

There are two main strands to the CIT’s work to support the passenger business:

  • to implement the legislation applicable and in particular the CIV Uniform Rules and the PRR (Regulation (EC) No 1371/2007 on rail passengers’ rights and obligations) in a practical way;
  • to simplify and standardise the working relationships between transport undertakings and between them and their customers.

The CIT produces various reference documents to support this work.

Report on lost blank ticket vouchers with CIT security background


CIT members’ address book

The CIT provides its members with a list of useful contacts for handling claims and applications for refunds from passengers who have made international journeys.

You may access the list by clicking below for the departments handling:


Working bodies

The CIT’s documentation is drawn up by the CIV Working Group which makes recommendations to the CIV Committee . The committee meets about once a year to approve the texts. The committee is currently composed of the following undertakings: ATOC, BDZ, ČD, CFF/SBB, CFL, CFR Calatori, DB Fernverkehr, DSB, Eurostar International Limited, GYSEV, HŽ, LG, MÁV-START, NS, NSB, ÖBB, TRAINOSE, PKP, RENFE, SJ, SNCB, SNCF, SŽ, TCDD, Trenitalia, VR, ŽS, ZSSK.

The CIT has also set up a Group of PRR Experts tasked with monitoring the implementation of the PRR across Europe and a CIV/SMPS Legal Group to handle legal issues for journeys between “Europe” and Russia.


Information for rail passengers