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56th meeting of the CIV Working Group addresses ticketing challenges

Amendments to the Manual for International Rail Tickets, CIT’s information leaflet on through-tickets and developments in TAP TSI revision were some of the ticketing-related highlights of the last CIV Working Group on 16 November 2022, which was chaired by Oliver Hirschfeld (DB).

Amendments to the Manual for International Rail Tickets

Work on transposing the new PRR (PRR 2021) into the Manual for International Rail Tickets (MIRT) has concluded and the necessary amendments were approved by the last CIV Committee on 27 September. The revised manual is already available for CIT members on its webpage under the section “Future Versions”.

During the session, the CIV Working Group identified the following issues which will be the subject of ongoing work concerning the Manual for International Rail Tickets: 

  • Drafting of a new chapter 10 on the Universal Rail Ticket (URT), since work on URT at UIC level has concluded (IRS 90918-8). In this context, it was mentioned during the meeting that the URT will be included in ERA’s new technical document B 11 which will take effect during next year.
  • Enhancements of Appendix 3 to MIRT on through-tickets, taking onboard initial experience from the implementation of through-tickets. This information leaflet was created to support CIT’s members. The leaflet consists of recommendations on how to inform passengers on through-tickets prior to and during purchase (both at stations and via online channels), as well as what to indicate on the ticket in accordance with PRR 2021.
  • Other focal points will be checking the roles of the actors involved in the distribution process in the case of OSDM, assessment of the terminology used in the MIRT in line with the planned evaluation of the CIT Glossary, and checking the outcomes of the revised “accounting” leaflets UIC 301/IRS 30301 and UIC 361/IRS 30361. 

Revision of TAP TSI

The ticketing part of the session concluded with a report on the current state of play related to TAP TSI revision, especially in respect of OSDM and URT. The major change in case of OSDM is that the specification is to be split into two parts. The online part and claims handling messages will be implemented via ERA specification B 5 (additionally to a “reservation” part of this specification), while B 13 will be designated for the OSDM offline part only.

It was also underlined that the aim of OSDM is also to meet requirements stemming from the PRR 2021 (e.g. Art 11 on reservations, Art. 12 on through-ticketing, Art. 24 on PRM and Art. 28 on claims handling) and to supply solutions in this respect.  


Useful links:

Regulation 2021/782 (“PRR 2021”): EUR-Lex - 32021R0782 - EN - EUR-Lex (europa.eu)

CIT Future Products: https://www.cit-rail.org/en/passenger-traffic/products/

TAP TSI 2022 Revision package: https://www.era.europa.eu/content/consultation-2022-package-revision-tsi-relating-telematics-applications-passengers-tap-tsi_en