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Legal expertise
for the benefit of the railways

Table of Contents

CIT provided training for Danish Railways on paper ticket management

Paper ticket management, recognition of the CIT Security Background 2012 and detection of frauds were some of the points covered by the training provided by CIT for Danish Railways (DSB), which took place at the latter’s request as an online session on 5 September this year.

Paper ticket management and fraud detection

The first part of the training was a presentation on paper ticket management, which included the following points:

  • Sector ticketing standards on ticket paper security management (MIRT and UIC Leaflet 361).
  • Paper ticket management – the key points.
  • Function of a stock control number (serial number) indicated on the ticket.
  • Lost and stolen ticket management.
  • Forgery and fraud patterns (total forgery, “blanco forgery”, manipulation of the content of the ticket).
  • Preventive measures to avoid external and internal criminality related to paper tickets.
  • Clear procedures for rail personnel in the event of counterfeit detection/suspicion vis-à-vis passengers.
  • Education and staff training, communication.
  • COLPOFER Fraud and Ticket Forgery Working Group.

CIT Security Background 2012

The second part of the training was a presentation on the CIT Security Background 2012 (CIT 2012), as genuine tickets must be clearly recognizable in order to identify forgeries, which included the following points:

  • Relevant CIT product: Manual for International Rail Tickets (MIRT), especially Chapter 8.
  • Implementation of the CIT 2012 in Europe, current state of play.
  • Specificities of using the CIT 2012 in case of different ticket types: NRT, IRT and Reservations, RPT (Interrail/Eurail) and FIP tickets.
  • Detailed description of the CIT 2012 standard; compulsory and optional security features in the tickets.

Practical tasks

The highlight of the training was a series of practical tasks on how to identify the compulsory and optional security features in the tickets with security background using a UV lamp and magnifying glass, and tasks related to the stock control numbers and production data indicated on the ticket.

The CIT GS is ready to support its members by providing training in their interest on a range of topics falling within the CIT remit.