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CIV Committee takes major decisions

After two years of online-only meetings, this year’s CIV Committee meeting was held as a hybrid event. Approximately half the participants were present in Bern, while the others attended remotely. The CIV Committee’s September meeting took some far-reaching decisions, signing off on the CIT “passenger” products which had been rendered fit for purpose in view of the new PRR now in force and on the AJC accompanying leaflet.

Implementation of the new PRR in the CIT passenger products

Regulation (EC) 1371/2007 on rail passengers' rights and obligations (PRR), replacing the earlier version from 2007, has entered into force, and will be applicable from 7 June 2023.

Compared to the earlier text, the new regulation contains many changes which need to be appropriately reflected in the CIT passenger products.

For that reason, during 2021 and 2022 CIT has worked intensively within a Task Force and in the CIV Working Group to incorporate the changes made necessary by the revised PRR into the CIT products. With the exception of the Manual on Data Protection, all the CIT passenger rail products were affected by this work, in particular the Agreement concerning the Relationships between Transport Undertakings in respect of International Passenger Traffic by Rail (AIV), the General Conditions of Carriage for Rail Passengers (GCC-CIV/PRR), and the Manual on International Rail Tickets (MIRT).

The CIV Committee approved all the proposed changes to the products, the revised versions of which will thus take effect in June 2023 as planned. The revised documents will be available on the CIT website from mid-December 2022.

Leaflet published to raise public awareness of the AJC

Based on the Agreement concerning Journey Continuation in respect of International Passenger Traffic by Rail (AJC), 15 European railways have agreed rules whereby passengers who miss their connections due to an earlier train being delayed may continue their journey using a different service at no extra cost. 

Under the CER Ticketing Roadmap, the CIV Committee has now decided to publicise details of the content of the AJC. To this end, a leaflet has been produced containing the key AJC-related information. The leaflet is freely available on the CIT website.

Since various EU-level initiatives are presently ongoing, the purpose of which is to facilitate international journeys in the event of delays (such as the Multimodal Digital Mobility Services or MDMS Regulation), further work on the AJC and improving passenger assistance will doubtless remain on the CIV Committee’s agenda in future. 

Manual on Data Protection

This year, the CIT Manual on Data Protection has been extended to include numerous comments on the relevant legislation (in particular GDPR). The CIV Committee also endorsed these modifications.

At the end of the meeting, CD invited committee Chair Isabelle Saintilan (Eurostar) and Vice-Chair Alberto Gallo (Trenitalia) to hold the 2023 meeting in Prague, an invitation which was gratefully accepted.


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