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On track for the next steps

Dear Readers,

2024 appears as a special year for the CIT: this year marks the 20th anniversary of the CIT reorganization as an autonomous association. Still based in Bern, the CIT continues and reinforces its role through successive structures since 1902.

An illustration of this ongoing work is the 60th meeting of the CIV working group, held on 21 February. The 27th session of the CIM Committee took also place in March.

These milestone dates illustrate the important number of meetings organised, and of documents and analysis being issued, discussed and finalised during the past years. We thank all our members for this collaboration.

But let us look to the immediate future:

The Bernese Days will be organised on 6 and 7 June and the international seminar on waste management and transport by rail, on 7 May 2024 in Geneva. 

A summary of recent events is also proposed to you, as the last UIC Audit Team Training, hosted by the CIT and illustrating our cooperation with the UIC.

Our support to members includes regular training sessions, such as the recent session with LTG Link in Lithuania, which could also be duplicated on demand for other members.

A general overview of the digitalization trends in the railway sector is also proposed, as well as a useful analysis on multimodal carriage of goods.

Happy reading.

We are looking forward to meet you at the Bernese Days 2024 and at our other events and meetings.

Gilles Mugnier

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