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CITerm is the terminology dictionary of CIT.



The access codes are available from laurence.

Enter the username and password. The German language is offered by default. However, you can choose another language (English, French, Italian or Russian).


Search for a term

Enter the term or a part of the term in the field "Search for a term", select the source language of the term then press "Enter" key or click on the "Search" space.

The occurrences found are displayed under "Result of the query". Click on the desired instance to display the details.

It is also possible to display all the contents of the dictionary, in alphabetical order. To do this, type "%", choose the source language then press "Enter" key or click on the "Search" space.

Terms followed by a red triangle with a question mark mean that they have not yet been validated by the CIT GS.


Search for an abbreviation

Enter the abbreviation in the field "Search for a term", check the box «Abbreviation», select the language then press "Enter" key or click on the "Search" space.

The abbreviation found is displayed under "Result of the query". Click on the result to display the details.


CITerm is the terminology dictionary of CIT. It contains the specific terms of transport law in the English, French and German languages, as well as the abbreviations used within CIT. The Russian language will be introduced in a later phase.

CITerm aims to improve the consistency of terminology used in the CIT and to improve the image of the CIT thanks to the high quality of written communication.

CITerm is intended primarily for staff of CIT GS and Trad8 Translation Agency. It will also greatly benefit the members of the working bodies of the CIT as well as the members of the CIT (elaboration of their general conditions, contracts and other guides in the field of transport law in relations with their customers and with the other railway undertakings, translation of CIT products into their national language, etc.).



The YesTerm / CITerm system is the property of Trad8. The conditions of use are regulated as follows:

CIT: the members of the CIT organs and the members of the CIT, as well as interpreters and translators used by the CIT are allowed to use CITerm. Usage beyond this framework is subject to Trad8 authorization.

Trad8: Trad8 and its staff are authorized to use CITerm as part of the CIT translation mandates that are entrusted to Trad8. Use beyond this framework is subject to authorization by the CIT.

The use of CITerm by interpreters as well as translators other than those of Trad8 is subject to the prior signature of a statement to be given to Trad8.