CIT Info

CIT-Info 3/2017

CIT-Info 3/2017

  • Revision projet PRR
  • Digitalisation in rail passenger traffic
  • CIT/UIC Conference of passenger claims department
  • CIM/SMGS Group of Experts' report
  • CUI Committee
  • CIT Itself
  • CIT Calender

CIT-Info 1/2017

CIT-Info 1/2017

  • Does the rail sector need ”coopetition”?
  • The European Commission inquires about Passenger Rights in Multimodal Transport
  • Rail way to uniform law
  • New support tools for CIT members
  • Revision of TAP TSI in 2019
  • European Commission organised a meeting with the NEBs on passenger rights
  • 20th meeting of the CIT’s CIM Committee focused on digitization of freight documents
  • Report on the meeting of the Multimodality Working Group
  • Summary of selected court cases relating to the use of infrastructure
  • Law and practice
  • CIT itself

CIT-Info 3/2016

CIT-Info 3/2016

  • News on the application of the COTIF and its appendices
  • Assistance and Data Protection: Conference of Passengers Claims Departments
  • CJEU ruled on the question of conclusion of contract of carriage between a passenger and a rail carrie
  • Interpretative Guidelines to the Air PRR – a way out of the deadlock?
  • “CIM/SMGS legal interoperability“ - digitisation is on its way
  • CIT’s “Mail by Rail” project in collaboration with UPU and CCTT
  • Application of the AIM by the substitute carrier
  • Autumn meeting of the CIT Executive Committee in Geneva

CIT-Info 1/2016

CIT-Info 1/2016

  • Comprehensive application of COTIF 1999
  • Berner Tage
  • Data Protection in the Digital Age
  • Potential revision of the Rail PRR
  • MCOOP: New CIT Manual
  • The new Travel Package and Linked Travel Arrangement Directive
  • Berner Tage: Passenger section
  • CIM Committee
  • Multimodality Working Group
  • Mail by Rail: CIT-UPU workshop
  • Berner Tage: Freight section
  • Modification of the contract of carriage
  • Memorandum of Understanding

CIT-Info 5/2015

CIT-Info 5/2015

  • The contract of carriage in the Rome I Regulation
  • General Assembly of OTIF
  • CIT/UIC Conference of Passenger Claims Departments
  • The U.S. Supreme Court is hearing the case ÖBB-Personenverkehr AG vs. Carol Sachs
  • CIT/OSJD’s “CIM/SMGS legal interoperability” project
  • Carriage of parcels on CIM/SMGS rail shipments between China and Europe
  • Details of dangerous goods in the CIM/SMGS consignment note
  • Autumn meeting of the CIT Executive Committee

CIT-Info 3/2015

CIT-Info 3/2015

  • Sweden’s ratification of COTIF 1999
  • Azerbaijan accedes to COTIF to become 50th OTIF Member State
  • The revised SMGS entered into force on 1 July 2015
  • Implementation of passengers’ rights and new CIT products in the focus of the CIV Committee
  • 2nd UIC/CIT e-Ticketing Workshop
  • News from the CIM Working Group
  • News from the “Multimodality” Working Group
  • Start and end of the Contract of International Carriage of Goods by Rail
  • OSJD and CIT formalise their cooperation

CIT-Info 1/2015

CIT-Info 1/2015

  • Italy’s ratification of COTIF 1999
  • EU-Commission clarifies conditions of access to railway infrastructure
  • Protection of passengers’ personal data
  • New CIT Document on Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Passengers
  • CIT & IRU experts’ work on the CMR – CIM comparative table incl. new SMGS
  • International Rail Conference in Prague, 18-20 March 2015
  • News from the CIM Working Group
  • Railway organisations present the updated E-GTC-I to the EU-Commission
  • How are transit periods calculated in international freight traffic?

CIT-Info 5/2014

CIT-Info 5/2014

  • CCTT – a platform for Euro-Asian transport integration
  • Conference of Passenger Claims Departments
  • Full Service Model Initiative (FSM)
  • OV Chipcard system endorsed by the highest Dutch court
  • Dutch court denies the right to be compensated for self re-routing
  • Euro-Asian rail freight shipments – new business opportunities for the railways
  • New version of the CUI Uniform Rules
  • Law in practice
  • CIT itself
  • CIT diary of events

CIT-Info 3/2014

CIT-Info 3/2014

  • Passengers’ rights and ticketing
  • France and Italy set up their national enforcement bodies
  • SIAFI 2014: Interactive Sessions on International Rail Business
  • Latest news on the electronic CIM/SMGS consignment note
  • Legal Interoperability for Eurasian rail freight transport services: GTC EurAsia
  • The CIT is strengthening its partnership with the Forum Train Europe (FTE)
  • Law in practice - accidents and passengers at fault
  • Executive Committee 1/2014
  • Conference of Passenger Claims Departments 2014

CIT-Info 1/2014

CIT-Info 1/2014 [PDF]

  • EU Conference “Logistics in 2030”
  • European Parliament vote on the revision of the Air PRR
  • Questions on the interpretation of the Rail PRR
  • The CIT’s suggestions for the revision of COTIF in 2014
  • Railway undertakings’ influence on the conditions of use of infrastructure


CIT-Info 5/2013

CIT-Info 5/2013 (PDF)

  • CIT/IRU Conference on Multimodality: the opportunity for an update on the situation
  • The CIT is preparing for the revision of COTIF
  • Exemptions to the PRR in Croatia
  • Euro-Asia Economic Forum 2013
  • ÖBB Judgment: carriers are liable even in the event of force majeure
  • European Commission report on rail passengers’ rights
  • Small Aztec barcode for printed tickets on secured paper
  • A full in-tray for passenger specialists
  • Passenger claims departments’ conference
  • Clear distinction between “carrier” and “issuer” must appear on tickets
  • News from the last meeting of the CIM/SMGS Legal Group and Group of Experts
  • The CIT Multimodality Experts Group approves GTC Rail-Sea Traffic
  • Law in practice
  • CIT Itself

CIT-Info 3/2013

CIT-Info 3/2013 (PDF)

  • CER General Assembly in Rome
  • Multimodality: the CIT is showing the way
  • UIC Commercial and Distribution Forum
  • Contracts for carriers to work together
  • Workshop on Rail Passengers’ Rights
  • Latest news from the CIM/SMGS Legal Group and Group of Experts
  • Third Regional Conference on Trade Facilitation and Caucasus Transit Corridor (CTC) Promotion
  • CIT/IRU Conference “Multimodality: Legal, Political and Practical Environment”
  • Common CIM/SMGS consignment note:
  • new CIT/OSJD brochure for custom
  • Law in practice
  • CIT Itself
  • Staff recruitment by CIT

CIT-Info 1/2013

CIT-Info 1/2013 (PDF)

  • UIC General Assembly and European Regional Assembly
  • Signing of Protocol on CIT-CCTT cooperation in Paris
  • Legal freedom of manoeuvre and limits to “through ticketing”
  • News from the most recent meeting of CIT’s CIV Working Group
  • Obligation to care for air passengers even in the event of force majeure
  • Report on the implementation of the PRR
  • Legal Interoperability CIV/SMPS ‒ The Quest for Legal Certainty
  • Latest progress in the CIT/OSJD “CIM/SMGS legal interoperability” project
  • Current EU Commission study on e-Freight
  • CIT Itself


CIT-Info 4/2012

CIT-Info 4/2012 (PDF)

  • OTIF has a new Secretary General
  • CER-CIT report on the implementation status of the Regulation on Rail Passengers’ Rights and Obligations
  • CIT at the XXI Plenary Meeting of the Coordinating Council on Transsiberian Transportation
  • 22nd Meeting of the CIV Working Group
  • What’s behind the abbreviation TAP TSI?
  • Successful Passenger Claims Departments’ Conference
  • CIM/SMGS Legal Group and Experts Group deliberate on the further development of the CIT/OSJD project
  • Current status of the electronic CIM consignment note
  • Strengthening of the relationships between freight claims departments
  • Law in practice
  • CIT Itself


CIT-Info 2/2012

CIT-Info 2/2012 (PDF)

  • “Berner Tage” ‒ In general
  • Georgia to become 48th member state of COTIF
  • IRU Symposium of Lawyers: Cohabitation or confron­tation of the various legal systems?
  • “Berner Tage” ‒ Passengers
  • CIV/SMPS legal interoperability: where are we going?
  • Report on rail passengers’ rights
  • “Berner Tage” ‒ Freight
  • 15th meeting of the CIM Committee of CIT: projects and approved amendments
  • China takes the CIM/SMGS consignment note another step forward
  • CIT visits the FIATA Secretariat at the 2012 Head­quarters Session
  • “Berner Tage” ‒ Use of Infrastructure
  • Progress made in withdrawing reservations against the CUI Uniform Rules
  • Law in practice
  • CIT Itself

CIT-Info 6/2011

CIT Info 6/2011 (PDF)

  • The new team takes the reins
  • Georgia to join OTIF
  • SBB Regulation Conference 2011
  • Another PRR case before the ECJ
  • Revision of the GCC-CIV/PRR
  • New Passenger Transport Manual
  • Comparison between COTIF/CIV and the SMPS
  • Continuing development of CIT freight transport products
  • New legal framework for CIM electronic consignment note
  • The legal regimes for rail traffic between Europe and Asia must be interoperable and we must be willing to work together
  • Dangerous development in legal precedent
  • Law in practice
  • The 2011 General Assembly
  • “Berner Tage”

CIT-Info 4/2011

CIT-Info 4/2011 (PDF)

  • Accession of the European Union to the Convention concerning International Carriage by Rail (COTIF)
  • The liability regime in cross-border cooperation agreements
  • The European Union and its neighbouring regions: a renewed approach to transport cooperation
  • Airline passengers’ rights
  • An AIV for East-West traffic
  • Information about delays
  • e-RailFreight – European railways take an important step into the future
  • European corridors for freight by rail: the vision and the regulation
  • Progress in the project to make the CIM and SMGS legally interoperable
  • Update on the work being done by the CIM Working Group
  • The Russia-Belarus-Kazakhstan customs union will help to extend the use of the common CIM/SMGS consignment note
  • Law in Practice
  • CIT Itself


CIT Info 2/2011

CIT Info 2/2011 (PDF)

  • Will the European Union accede to COTIF soon?
  • Armenia becomes the forty-seventh OTIF Member State
  • European Commission White Paper - Relevance for the CIT
  • Comparison of passengers' rights by rail, air, sea and road (conclusion)
  • New AIV with effect from 1 January 2012
  • Ticketing - the frontiers fall
  • Changes to be made to CIT freight documentation on 1 July 2011
  • DB AG supports the UNECE initiative for legal harmonisation
  • Multimodality: main focus of future CIT activities
  • CIT/OSJD Seminar in Astana with the participation of the Chinese Railways
  • Sealing ... Never a "closed" issue
  • New publications
  • European Union study on the liability relationship between infrastructure managers and railway undertakings
  • General Terms and Conditions of Use of Railway Infrastructure (EGTC)
  • European Performance Regime
  • Law in practice
  • CIT Itself: Executive Committee 1/2011, New member


CIT Info 6/2010

CIT Info 6/2010 (PDF)

  • Recast of the First Railway Package
  • A new main focus for the Brussels Project for a European Contract law
  • SBB Conference on rail regulation held in Bern
  • The UIRR celebrates its fortieth birthday
  • Political aspects of passengers' rights
  • "Tickets from A to Z" workshop
  • CIM/SMGS from Europa through to China
  • Freight: Further development of the CIT's documentation
  • RAILDATA celebrates its fifteenth birthday
  • The new CUI Uniform Rules
  • European GTC of Use of Infrastructure
  • Law in practice
  • CIT General Assembly 2010
  • New members
  • On the retirement of Rainer Freise

CIT Info 4/2010

CIT Info 4/2010 (PDF)

  • West-to West: China backs rail for traffic for the West
  • Montenegro acceded to OTIF on 1st July 2010
  • Passengers' rights: state of exemptions to PRR
  • Consultation on the AIV
  • EU's campaign on passengers' rights
  • Development of a simplified consignment note
  • The OSCE is also promoting intercontinental traffic by rail
  • Management of the maintenance of wagons
  • The European Parliament supports the Rotterdam Rules
  • Incoterms® 2010
  • The "Freise-Commentary" has been published
  • European Performance Regime: Confidentially of data
  • Law in practice: What applies to locomotives "dead in tow"
  • IDIT Seminar on Passengers' Rights and Mobility

CIT Info 2/2010

CIT Info 2/2010 (PDF)

  • "Berner Tage 2010": Case study
  • Delays to passenger traffic: can carriers escape all liability?
  • More Harmonisation in Contract Law
  • CIM Committee: Changes to CIT freight products
  • The Rotterdam Rules - consequences for railway undertakings
  • The Railway as a link between landlocked countries
  • Neu CIM/SMGS traffics between France and Russia
  • Law and practice: link between EU Directive 2008/118 and CIM
  • CIT Itself: Accession of RZD and changes within membership
  • Forthcoming event

CIT Info 8/2009

CIT Info 8/2009 (PDF)

  • Better regulation in the EU
  • The PRR comes into force
  • XVIII Plenary session of the Coordinating Council on Transsiberian Transportation
  • UNECE and BSEC support the plans for the Eurasian Corridors and the Black Sea
  • UIC/RZD Seminar "The use of freight wagons in international railway traffic"
  • The UIC Freight Forum updates its programme of work for 2010
  • CIM Working Group
  • The new CUI Uniform Rules will probably enter into force on 1 December 2010
  • CIT Itself

CIT Info 6/2009

CIT Info 6/2009 (PDF)

  • Revision of the CUI
  • The Agreement on the Trans-Asian Railway Network comes into effect
  • Workshop on Passengers' New Rights held on 30 June 2009
  • The East-West Tariff
  • Using the CIM/SMGS consignment note from the Atlantic to the Urals: current state of work
  • CIT/OSCE/UNECE seminar on the facilitation of border-crossing and the cooperation of central
  • Asian railways in Turkmenistan
  • E-RailFreight - Project leaders' meeting
  • CIM Working Group's spring meeting
  • Law in practice

CIT Info 4/2009

CIT Info 4/2009 (PDF)

  • Sixty-third session of the Electronic Commission for Europe during a world economic crisis
  • Anti-competitive practices: victims' rights to be strengthened?
  • Meeting with associations representing passengers
  • Report from UIC Passenger Forum - Paris, April 28th 2009
  • The GCC-CIV/PRR are in place!
  • Sweeping changes in liability law for railways
  • e-RailFreight - A significant new step has been taken
  • Current status of work on the CIT/OSJD project "CIM/SMGS Legal Interoperability"
  • Central Asia as the key region for Eurasian Freight traffic by rail
  • How rail can succeed in the Europe-Asia freight market (Prague-Conference)
  • CIT Itself

CIT Info 2/2009

CIT Info 2/2009 (PDF)

  • "Berner Tage": The joint sessions
  • "Berner Tage": Passenger Traffic
  • UNCITRAL Convention: the new "Rotterdam Rules"
  • Trade and transport in the globalised world economy
  • CER Passenger Working Group
  • Common CIM/SMGS consignment note: Volkswagen traffic from Vel'ká Ida to Kaluga 1 started at the end of 2008
  • News from the e-RailFreight project
  • DB TREN's e-Freight Conference
  • The definition of a wagon keeper in COTIF is now also enshrined in European Law
  • Legal Advice
  • CIT Itself
  • Conference of Freight After-Sales Service Departments

CIT-Info "Special Edition COTIF 1999"

Special Edition/May 2006 (pdf)

  • Editorial
  • the new Convention itself
  • Changes for passenger traffic
  • Changes for freight traffic
  • Changes for wagon law
  • The use of infrastructure
  • Practical issues for implementation

CIT-Info 2/2017

CIT-Info 2/2017

  • Mail by rail from China to Western Europe
  • COTIF revision procedure
  • Data Protection
  • Decisions of th19th CIV Committee
  • News from the CIM Working Group of the CIT
  • CIT Freight Claims Departments’ Conference 2017
  • Revision of the CUI Uniform Rules
  • Entering information using codes in the CIM consignment note
  • CIT Itself
  • CIT Calender

CIT-Info 4/2016

CIT-Info 4/2016

  • Journey through four countries – 1,000 pages of contracts
  • Passenger Name Record (PNR)
  • Revision of CIT products for passenger traffic
  • The role of NEBs in enforcement of passenger rights under the Air PRR
  • CIM Working Group: Autumn Meeting
  • Multimodality Committee
  • CIT Expert group on “Seals”
  • The CUI Working Group welcomed its new Chair
  • Standardisation of contracts for use of the infrastructure
  • Entering details of the contractual carrier on the consignment note
  • CIT General Assembly 2016

CIT-Info 2/2016

CIT-Info 2/2016

  • COTIF accession workshop in Baku
  • Taking stock of this year’s meeting of the CIV Committee
  • Work currently being carried out by the CIV/SMPS Working Group
  • Transfer of personal data to non-EU countries in international passenger traffic
  • 21st meeting of the CIM Working Group
  • Conference of Freight Claims Departments 2016
  • The CUI Committee bids farewell to its acting Chair
  • Loss of hand luggage – when is the carrier responsible under the CIV UR?
  • Completing the formal report (CIT20)

CIT-Info 6/2015

CIT-Info 6/2015

  • Schengen acquis: what are the obligations of rail carriers?
  • Impact of new EU law discussed at the CIV Working Group
  • New CIT Manual for International Rail Tickets (MIRT)
  • CIT seminar “International East-West passenger rail transport services“
  • Decision of the U.S. Supreme Court in favour of ÖBB
  • 2nd Multimodality Committee
  • Autumn Meeting of the CIM Working Group of the CIT
  • Rewording of Article 1 of the CUI UR
  • Declaration of the value of goods in the CIM consignment note
  • CIT General Assembly 2015

CIT-Info 4/2015

CIT-Info 4/2015

  • New CIT Manual for International Rail Tickets (MIRT)
  • New CIT Manual for cooperation agreements between railway undertakings (MCOOP)
  • The European Commission published the Interpretative Guidelines to the Rail PRR
  • More interactive tools to support the daily work of CIT members
  • The CIT Freight Claims Departments’ Annual Conference 2015
  • News from this year’s meeting of the CIM/SMGS Legal and Experts Group
  • The CIT’s current activities in the field of multimodality
  • Acceptance of the goods for carriage – creating the wagon label

CIT-Info 2/2015

CIT-Info 2/2015

  • Facilitation of International Railway Transportation in UNESCAP Region
  • Challenges and opportunities for East-West passenger rail transport services
  • Colpofer and CIT - fighting ticket fraud together
  • Implementation of the GTC EurAsia
  • The CIM Committee of the CIT
  • Cross-border carriage of parcels by rail
  • The CIT’s new CUI Working Group takes up its work
  • Permissibility of limits of liability in the GTCs of the infrastructure manager on the contract of use of railway infrastructure
  • CIT Executive Committee 1/2015

CIT-Info 6/2014

CIT-Info 6/2014

  • FIATA World Congress 2014
  • More legal security for the CIT Members - top priority for the CIV WG
  • CIV/SMPS Working Group: introduction of second phase of the project
  • Article 36 § 3 a) CIV does not include the “Open wagon risk”
  • CER Working Group on Seals
  • First meeting of the CIT Multimodality Committee
  • Rail transport as the backbone for the economic integration of the Maghreb and the Europe-Mediterranean area

CIT-Info 4/2014

CIT-Info 4/2014

  • CIT topics discussed by the OTIF Revision Committee
  • Meeting of the CIV Committee
  • Guideline on the COTIF/CIV-PRR – SMPS liability regimes
  • Annual Freight Claims Departments’ Conference
  • Meeting between the CIT and representatives from customs organisations and trade associations representing customers
  • CIM Working Group in 2014
  • Liabilities in the contract of use in the Netherlands
  • New version of the EGTC
  • open

    CIT-Info 2/2014

    CIT-Info 2/2014 [PDF]

    • Multimodality – key to the future of the railway
    • Berner Tage – summary of the passenger section
    • Allocation of the compensation paid out for delay between carriers
    • Berner Tage – summary of the freight section
    • The CIT’s CIM Committee has approved two new documents for Eurasian and multimodal traffic
    • Latest news from CIT’s “Multimodality“ project
    • Briefing on the contract of use of railway infrastructure
    • Conference of Freight Claims Departments

    CIT-Info 6/2013

    CIT-Info 6/2013 (PDF)

    • Next major event at OTIF: the Revision Committee
    • “Berner Tage 2014”: Spotlight on multimodality
    • Delivering on passengers’ rights: Railways and national authorities strengthen their links
    • Follow-up to the ÖBB case
    • COLPOFER – fighting crime together
    • CIT Working Group CIV/SMPS prepares guideline on the COTIF/CIV-PRR – SMPS liability regimes
    • On the agenda of the CIM Working Group
    • Latest news from the last meeting of the CIM/SMGS Steering and Co-ordination Group
    • Updating the European General Terms and Conditions of Use of Railway Infrastructure (EGTC)
    • Law in practice
    • CIT Itself

    CIT-Info 4/2013

    CIT-Info 4/2013 (PDF)

    • UIC General and European Assembly on 26/27 June 2013 in Paris
    • International CCTT conference on Baltic freight services and links to seaports
    • Batumi Declaration on the Facilitation of Transport in the South Caucasus
    • UIC SIAFI 2013: Young transport managers receive training
    • Decisions made by the CIV Committee which affect passenger traffic
    • How can passengers’ various rights be managed on multimodal journeys?
    • Workshop on Rail Passengers’ Rights
    • Conference of Passenger Claims Departments
    • Annual meeting of freight claims departments
    • On the agenda of the CIM Working Group
    • 17th meeting of the CUI Committee
    • 3rd International Corridor 1 Conference in Thun, Swit­zerland
    • Law in practice
    • CIT Itself

    CIT-Info 2/2013

    CIT-Info 2/2013 (PDF)

    • The United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) welcomes the Political Declaration
    • Pakistan accedes to COTIF: an important extension of the scope of application
    • Strengthening of airline passengers’ rights within the European Union
    • Meeting with the national bodies enforcing the PRR
    • The Advocate General does not acknowledge force majeure in the ÖBB case
    • Obligation to inform passengers of disruption in real time
    • Form for reporting missing ticket stocks
    • New advances in the development of CIT freight documentation
    • International Rail Freight Conference on transport between Europe and Asia (IRFC 2013)
    • Prague Appeal
    • Latest news from the meeting of the “Multimodality“ Group of Experts
    • CIT Conference of Freight Claims Departments
    • Updating the European GTC of Use of Railway Infrastructure

    CIT-Info 5/6-2012

    CIT-Info 5/6-2012 (PDF)

    • The CIT with active participation at the 7th International VDV Railway Congress
    • Approval of the Political Declaration on Eurasian Rail Transport Law
    • Informative e-ticketing workshop organised by UIC and the CIT
    • CIT 2012 Security Background for better international protection
    • The European Court of Justice (ECJ) hands down first judgment on rail passengers’ rights
    • Making CIV/SMPS legally interoperable: next steps
    • Global Rail Freight Conference in Tangier
    • First rail freight shipments from China to Europe using the common CIM/SMGS consignment note
    • An update on the work of the CIM Working Group
    • New design for the CIM consignment note for combined transport/CUV note for combined transport
    • Seals on international freight traffic by rail
    • 16th meeting of the CUI Committee on 7 November 2012
    • Law in practice
    • CIT Itself

    CIT-Info 3/2012

    CIT-Info 3/2012 (PDF)

    • Reference of a case involving the Austrian Federal Railways to the ECJ for a preliminary ruling
    • Decisions made by the CIV Committee
    • The CIT security background 2012 is being implemented
    • Exchange of views with the national enforcement bodies
    • Current developments relating to air passengers’ rights
    • CIT/OTIF Seminar on “Multimodal shipments and their significance for railway undertakings” in Odessa
    • CIM Working Group: an update
    • Wascosa ECM fleet management seminar in Lucerne
    • Infrastructure: Current developments
    • Law in practice
    • CIT Itself

    CIT-Info 1/2012

    CIT-Info 1/2012 (PDF)

    • New Directive on Consumer Rights
    • SSC Sea Freight Seminar
    • Communication on Passenger Rights
    • Revision of the regulation on air passenger rights
    • 2012 security background
    • Announcement : Workshop on Rail Passengers’ Rights
    • CIM electronic consignment note: work begins to take shape
    • Work in hand on the carriage of dangerous goods
    • Announcement : Conference of Freight After-Sales Service Departments
    • Pre announcement: Seminar: “Multimodale Beförderungen und deren Bedeutung für die Eisenbahnverkehrsunternehmen”
    • The performance regime and the recast
    • Law in practice
    • CIT Itself

    CIT Info 5/2011

    CIT Info 5/2011 (PDF)

    • China opens its rail system to the common CIM/SMGS consignment note
    • Coordinating Council on Transsiberian Transportation (CCTT): the CIT achieves important objectives
    • The CIT congratulates Libor Lochman
    • Ticket fraud
    • Revision of the GCC-CIV/PRR
    • Rail Credit Card Sized Tickets (RCCST) security background 2012
    • Passengers' rights in practice
    • Progress towards the electronic consignment note
    • The CIT's forthcoming work on multimodality for rail-sea traffic
    • Claims Handling Agreement Checklist
    • Progressive withdrawal of the reservations against the CUI Uniform Rules
    • Law in practice
    • CIT Itself

    CIT Info 3/2011

    CIT Info 3/2011 (PDF)

    • An update on the European Commission's White paper, the CIT's work on CIM/SMGS traffic and multimodality
    • A new start on the path to the International Registry of Security Interests in Railway Rolling Stock
    • Morocco ratifies COTIF
    • The European Union accedes to OTIF
    • Now making the law of carriage of passengers interoperable as well
    • First phase in the implementation of the TAP-TSI Regulation
    • Creation of a group of PRR experts
    • The first PRR case comes before the European Court of Justice
    • Accountancy regulations for the AIV
    • International exchange of tariff data on the agenda
    • The 2011 Freight Claims Departments' Conference meets its objectives
    • Making the CIM and SMGS legally interoperable
    • Closer working relationship with the Coordinating Council on Transsiberian Transportation
    • Work starts on the GTC EurAsia
    • The European Commission consider the EGTC
    • Law in practice
    • CIT Itself


    CIT Info 1/2011

    CIT Info 1/2011 (PDF)

    • A message from the new Chairman of the CIT
    • Armenia applies to join COTIF
    • Frontier agreements
    • Broad gauge to Vienna is technically and legally feasible
    • Comparison of passengers' rights by rail, air and sea
    • Ticketing - Future White paper
    • Ticketing - a long way from being paperless
    • Directive on consumer rights
    • Laying the foundations for an intercontinental railway transport law
    • Major impulses from Kazakh Railways in the "CIM/SMGS legal interoperability" project
    • Meeting of the CIT's CIM Committee
    • General Terms and Conditions of Use of Railway Infrastructure on the home straight
    • Reservations against the CUI
    • European Commission study of the liability relationship between infrastructure managers and carriers
    • Law in practice: preventing carriage and claims from passengers
    • CIT Itself


    CIT Info 5/2010

    CIT Info 5/2010 (PDF)

    • Jordan joins OTIF
    • Changes to the RID in 2011
    • The EU opens the European e-Justice Portal
    • Start of the work to revise the AIV
    • Through-ticketing: a new pre-occupation for the EU
    • CCST: Re-sizing international tickets
    • Going after forged tickets!
    • Russia would like to harmonise law
    • The common CIM/SMGS consignment note: now in use from the Atlantic to the Pacific, both on land and by sea
    • CUI: Return to legal certainty and consistency
    • CIT Itself: The Executive Committee prepares for the 2010 General Assembly

    CIT Info 3/2010

    CIT Info 3/2010 (PDF)

    • Broad gauge from Vladivostok to Vienna
    • Taking stock after five months of the PRR
    • The volcanic ash cloud and the rights of airline passengers
    • Cooperation between claims departments
    • Activities of the CIT in the SPECA region
    • The railway to standardisation CIM/SMGS meetings in Vilnius
    • The revised CUI Uniform Rules enter into force on 1 December 2010
    • Law and practice: Payment instructions on the CIM Consignment Note
    • CIT Itself: Obligation to respect CIT decisions
    • NTV joins the CIT
    • Forthcoming events

    CIT Info 1/2010

    CIT Info 1/2010 (PDF)

    • "Berner Tage" 2010
    • Joint sessions
    • Passenger traffic
    • Freight traffic
    • Russia accedes to COTIF
    • New AIV applicable with effect from 3 December 2009
    • Exemptions from the PRR
    • Liability between railway undertakings and infrastructure managers - consultation of stakeholders
    • Law and practice: international bus and coach services
    • CIT Itself: new members
    • Forthcoming events

    CIT Info 7/2009

    CIT Info 7/2009 (PDF)

    • Russia accedes to COTIF
    • OTIF General Assembly
    • Competent court when a flight is cancelled
    • Liability for the whole journey: the European Commission's reply
    • Passengers' rights: railway undertakings are kept busy
    • Trial train from Islamabad to Istanbul
    • The latest developments in the project "CIM/SMGS Legal Interoperability"
    • Use of infrastructure: current issues
    • Law in practice
    • CIT Itself
    • "Berner Tage"

    CIT Info 5/2009

    CIT Info 5/2009 (PDF)

    • "All change" for the TCV Working Group
    • CER: survey on the transposition of the PRR
    • New draft AIV
    • Letter to all passenger directors
    • Freight after-sales service departments' conference
    • Review of the work of UIC groups and UIC freight projects
    • Joint Railway/Customs Meeting
    • OTIF/ECO Workshop on "Rail Transport between Europe and Asia"
    • Legal Advice
    • CIT Itself

    CIT Info 3/2009

    CIT Info 3/2009 (PDF)

    • "Berner Tage": General terms and conditions in theory and in practice
    • "Berner Tage": Freight section
    • Transport policy 2010-2050
    • CIV Working Group
    • Meetings of the Price and Commercial Questions and Distributions and Systems Study Group
    • Annual conference of the European Passenger Federation (EPF)
    • Fiftieth COLPOFER Conference - Berlin 2 & 3 April 2009
    • Annual meeting of the CIM Committee
    • CIM/SMGS consignment note also in use on Corridors V and IX
    • Comprehensive border easements are a key issue for the Kazakh customs authorities
    • UNECE is turning increasingly towards intermodality at a global level
    • Seminars

    CIT Info 1/2009

    CIT Info 1/2009 (PDF)

    • The EU's priorities for transport policy in 2009
    • The EU would like to see more consumer protection
    • New rights for passengers travelling by bus or by boat
    • Airline passengers' rights - Cancellation of a flight for technical raisons
    • CIT/OSJD workshop on the handling of CIM/SMGS claims
    • Results of the eleventh meeting of the CIM/SMGS Steering Group
    • OTIF Seminar in Baku
    • e-RailFreight - a short update
    • New proposals from the European Commission to improve international railway corridors
    • Conference of freight after-sales service departments 2009
    • High level meeting on the Eur GTC